Here is what Light Yoga students  say about their experience:

“I’m a better person now than I was when I walked in.  My body, brain, heart and soul say thank  you!”

“… your session has stayed with me and I wanted to thank you… I am balanced, renourished…. and your yoga session was just what my body needed and my mind’s eye enjoys your visualization.  Bless you!”

“Thank you so much for a great practice & the extra help today.  I feel SO much better.”

“I have wanted to take Yoga for years and when I heard about Lisa I decided to take the leap.  I love it!  Since I am so new sometimes she modifies the poses… I highly recommend taking Lisa’s class.”

“I love your classes and how you offer so much individual attention to my needs.”

“I love taking your yoga class…. So meditative and healing!!”  

“…My chiropractor had been recommending gentle Yoga and I didn’t know where to find what I needed… My problem has been a locked up right hip, particularly the lower back and psoas… I am so much better… My chiropractor is impressed — just as I am!  You are a gift!”

“Lisa’s Yoga class brings a spirit of peace, mindfulness, relaxation and rejuvenation.”

“Having rheumatoid arthritis, I appreciate Lisa’s gentle approach to the overall effectiveness of Yoga.  She uses methods not to overtax your body, yet enough strength building to support the joints….”

“I love Lisa’s class.  I am challenged, stretched and ultimately relaxed.  She is wonderful at reading the needs of her students and adapting the class accordingly.  Great teacher!”

“My favorite part is the hibernation.” [Yoga Nidra, or deep relaxation]