New classes at Exhale Yoga, beginning February 10th!  

($12 each or both for $20)

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LIGHT YOGA WITH LISA  (Wed 12:15 – 1:15)

This simple but deep Yoga class offers tools for cultivating steadiness of body and mind.  A balanced blend of therapeutic warm-up sequences, traditional Yoga postures, breathing practices, and relaxation methods ensure that you leave feeling easeful and peaceful.  A light-hearted, encouraging approach embraces all — newcomers welcome

 Kind to the body

Easy on the mind

Good for the soul!


HEALING YOGA (Wed 1:30 – 2:30) 


An extra gentle practice that starts in the chair and is designed especially for students with physical challenges.  Chair stretches are followed by a guided relaxation (hibernation, as one student calls it…!).  We will also interweave exercises to strengthen the eyes, improve posture and balance, increase flexibility, and develop better breathing habits (good for most seniors!). 

No experience necessary, you just need to be able to get up and down on the mat on your own (taking all the time you need!).  A great option if you are recovering from illness or injury (and your healthcare provider approves), or if you simply prefer to slow things down and have a more inward directed Yoga practice.




Light Yoga is rooted in classical Hatha Yoga, addressing the whole person and presenting tools for cultivating steadiness of body and mind.  Therapeutic warm-up sequences, traditional Yoga postures, breath work, relaxation techniques, and meditation — all in the spirit of open-hearted community and mutual support.  Simple, non-strenuous, and appropriate for most students!  (Bring your own mat if you have one).

Monday, Wednesday & Friday — see CURRENT SCHEDULE page for times & locations


YOGA of the HEART ®

Yoga of the Heart Certification

This class reflects the inspiration of a remarkable training I did with an even more remarkable woman, Nischala Joy Devi.  She has a long, rich history of service, as a monastic, sharing the timeless teachings of Yoga, developing programs for  cancer and cardiac patients, and guiding Yoga teachers like myself to work with students during this very intense stage of their lives.  What a blessing to spend ten days with her and other like-minded teachers in the beautiful environs of Yogaville, Virginia.  So to share this blessing, a new class.  See details below.

Note I am also offering private sessions with people dealing with life-altering illness.  If your healthcare provider approves and you feel drawn to this, get in touch and we’ll talk more about it.  Meanwhile, take a deep breath, let it out slowly, and remember your wholeness, your joy, your true self, in this very moment.

Yoga of the Heart®   


~ A life-affirming class for tapping into your deepest resources ~  

~ Extra gentle stretching ~

~ Deep breathing to bathe the body in health promoting oxygen ~

~ Relaxation leading to profound mental peace ~

~ Simple meditation ~

For centuries these methods have helped people navigate even the most intense situations of life, including serious illness.  

This class draws on special training in Yoga for cancer and heart disease and is appropriate for many other conditions as well.  No experience necessary.  Please confirm with your healthcare provider before attending.  One-on-one sessions are also available and may be recommended in some cases.

Physical benefits: improved balance, maximize lung capacity, deeper sleep

Mental benefits:   cultivate focus and concentration, steadiness of mind, and positive attitude

Subtle benefits:    greater sense of well-being, better mood, feel peaceful yet alert 



One-on-one sessions designed for those dealing with life-altering illness, especially cancer or heart disease. 

In this very special form of self-care, learn how you can safely and comfortably practice stretches, deep breathing, and relaxation that will help see you through your unique challenges.  Yoga provides a wide array of tools, many of which can be done to pleasant and life-affirming effect during even serious illness to improve physical comfort, sleep, and mood.  Sequences are based on special training in Yoga for cancer and heart disease and bring equal benefit to many other conditions.  Confirm with your healthcare provider prior to beginning (written physician’s approval necessary), so that we can carefully tailor the sessions to meet your specific needs. 

Private sessions of approximately one hour — $60 – 80 per session, depending on location, with discounts available for series of 3 or more (recommended for maximum benefit).

Connect to your deepest reserves and feel your best!

Contact me if you have any questions!