Lisa - Heart - Water

Lisa Dean Hawkins began studying Yoga in 1995 in New York City, after happening into it by way of Modern Dance.  From there she moved to Brazil, where she reaffirmed her dedication to Yoga and went on to apprentice and teach in Rio de Janeiro before becoming certified in Integral Yoga, in 2007.  She has since been certified in Ayurveda and Stress Management, and most recently in Yoga of the Heart®, training to work with students dealing with heart disease and cancer.  She holds a B.S. degree in Dance Education, which gave rise to 15 dynamic years of teaching and performing, including work with special needs students and seniors.  Her life-long interest in health, happiness, and spiritual unfoldment has taken her to many inspiring teachers, led her to India, and inspired ongoing personal inquiry.  Her uplifting classes (group and one-on-one) are opportunities to enjoy and share the inner light that each of us carries.