Grateful for Teaching


Recently a student was expressing his gratitude for the sense of well-being he was experiencing at the end of our Yoga class.  I found myself pouring out the same sympathies toward him and the other students present.  It rushed into my awareness how supremely grateful I am for the opportunity our classes provide to be together in an authentic way, relaxed and whole.

Another day, another conversation:  I was explaining to someone that I don’t see teaching as a business at all.  No product, no sale.  Money is exchanged because there are expenses related to our time together, but in my mind at least, it’s not saying, “I’ll give you this if you’ll give me that.”  Rather, we come together to heighten our awareness of who we are and to be present for each other, a delicious chance to be conscious together.

Many people — probably most in one moment or another — “do Yoga” for its myriad benefits — increased flexibility, lowered blood pressure, reduced anxiety, better sleep, digestion, and immune response, and the list goes on.  We wheel and deal with the practice:  I’ll do this if I get that in return.  I may very well do Yoga if the measurable benefits were the only prize, but I’m inspired to continue it as a lifelong journey, and to create opportunities for others to join in — i.e. “teach” — because being together, awake, aware, alive, reunites us with the love at our core, where well, being is the natural state.

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